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Would you like to go travel safely, comfortably, pleasantly, impressively, eat good food, shopping, and upload great pictures on social media?

IMAGINE, suffered and stressful which you can be when doing this :

  • Find hotel which fits your budget and comfortable
  • Find flight which fits your schedule
  • Find places where to go
  • Find restaurant which they have good menu
  • Doing all reserved stuff like Visa, Bus / Transportation etc
  • And reserving all that matters for you, your family or your group
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Thomas Dashiff Gilovich

Thomas Dashiff Gilovich is the Irene Blecker Rosenfeld Professor of Psychology at Cornell University.

He has conducted research in social psychology, decision making, behavioral economics, and has written popular books on these subjects

People always search for happiness, and that state of mind is usually considered a worthy aspiration. Some specialists think that happiness is one of the strongest indices of a society’s health. It turns out, though, that constantly conserving funds is not a good way to achieve happiness. According to the latest research, it is better to spend your money on experiences that make you happy.

The temporary happiness that people gain from buying cannot be compared to the effect and positive feelings they can attain through experience. In other words, you will feel happier from the experience of climbing a mountain, taking a cruise, or traveling to countries that you have never visited before than you will from buying anything. Things may last longer than experiences, but memories last forever.

According to Thomas Gilovich, a professor of psychology at Cornell University who has studied the problem of money and happiness for more than two decades, “the biggest enemy of happiness is adaptation”.

Thomas Gilovich suggests it would be better to spend it on things like watching a favorite singer music concert, learning new skills or traveling. The experiences that remain in our hearts and selves will lead to happiness that can last longer.

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wisatakamu : sangat menyenangkan & tak terlupakan
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wisatakamu : sangat menyenangkan & tak terlupakan
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